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Martello Design Co was established on the belief that even small businesses deserve good design.  We believe that the foundation of good design is built around passion for what you're selling.  To achieve this, we need to understand your business and we need to understand why you're passionate about what you do.  You've taken time to get to where you are and we want to take time to get to know you and your business before we ever begin building assets that represent your brand.  Your long-term vision of your business will guide our recommendations for marketing and building your brand, so getting to know each other isn't just important, it's the foundation of our work.  Sound like a good fit?  Read on or contact us to get the ball rolling.






Building a brand is about more than a logo.  It's about an image; an identity for your business.  Your brand speaks to customers by evoking certain intangible feelings in someone when they see your storefront, read your name, visit your website or recognize your logo.  Our work begins when we start getting to know you.  From there we will build a brand that is uniquely you, but also speaks the right language.

social media

Nothing connects customers to your brand like a carefully curated social media feed.  Through vibrant, rich content, you can engage followers, drive traffic to your website and create buzz around what you're doing.  There is a science behind managing social media, and doing it right requires know-how and diligence.  We can help build an authentic following and get your content in front of the right people.


Most creative work requires photography at one point or another.  Martello Design Co can offer high quality photography services for in-house creative projects or as a stand alone service.  Being able to offer this service in-house not only gives clients greater control of their images through generous licensing agreements, we also find that it provides a very consistent brand image across any and all integrated marketing assets.

web design

We like to think of web design as the process that illustrates your brand for customers in an online platform.  Web design on its face is a simple process, until you do it.  Your web presence is often your first introduction to your customer, so it is critical that visiting your page is an enjoyable experience.  To that end we focus on clean lines, eloquent copy and painstaking perfectionism. 

graphic design

Martello Design Co was built on the belief that even small businesses deserve good design.  Whether you're a start-up or an established name, the power of good design can change everything.  Much like branding, the marketing assets that you put in front of customers, from business cards to brochures, speak to your customers about who you are as a business.  Great design ensures that your brand is always well received.


Many clients are interested in several services to fulfill their marketing needs.  And in fact, this is what we often recommend.  It's rare that one service will fill all your marketing needs.  In these instances we like to draft a multi-service proposal that outlines recommendations for marketing your business.  If you are interested in a proposal to market and promote your business, please feel free to contact us.




You deserve good design and we'd love to help.  Feel free to reach out with questions or comments.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.  In the meantime, have a pleasant day!